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Sanjeev Jhanji

An Actor

Sanjeev Jhanji is a Vancouver based Producer – Actor that has kept Canada’s Punjabi cinema alive with  projects that can get movie buffs ticked.
His passion to bring quality cinema goes back several years when he travelled to India and roped in some Bollywood biggies. He than experimented making movies with complete Canadian on screen talent and local crew. However, limited domestic market for foreign language films was a deterrent to continue in expensive Canadian he produces, but his passion for cinema superseded challenges that came his way.
Sanjeev reconnected with his Indian team and completed this most recent Indo – Canadian project Me & Mr Canadian.
Sanjeev through his film conveys some important messages to the society and reflects their current mindset.
All you Punjabi movie buffs in GTA and Vancouver, mark your calendars this weekend for this upcoming feature that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Sanjeev Jhanji

A Filmmaker

Studio 7 Films

Studio 7 Films is an Canadian film production and distribution company working in Hindi and Punjabi cinema. Since its inception in the 2007, the company has grown to be one of the largest film studios in Canada and in India.

Studio 7 Films was founded by Sanjeev Jhanji, in 2007. Sanjeev Jhanji started out as a Filmmaker. Sanjeev Jhanji was involved in culture activities in school. Since childhood he started off as a writer and gradually developed interest in the films. Being a writer and creative director, he decided to come in the film industry in 2006 and moved
to Mumbai in 2006 and setup an office in Mumbai. Studio 7 Films controls almost every part of the value chain from production to post- production, domestic and international
distribution, music, home entertainment, marketing, design, digital, licensing, merchandising, talent management, brand partnerships, music studios and film studios – all in-house facilities.

Studio 7 Films has its own fully integrated studio that houses shooting stages and sound studios and is headquartered in Vancouver (Canada).

He has established print media group and launched newspapers and magazine in 2000 and in 2006 moved to Mumbai and established film media as Studio 7 Films. He
produced 3 Punjabi films and one Hindi film. He is writing his own stories and then produced them. He has learned film making in Canada and in Mumbai India. He has more than 13 years of experience in film making and music industry.

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